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MICF 2019 Recommendations

Posted on 18 March, 2019

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is almost upon us for 2019 - one of the highlights of my year, and the best time to be in Melbourne. And as per usual, I have a few recommendations on performers to see.

Some comedians who I strongly recommend based on recent years:

  • Felicity Ward always brings a touch of heart and humanity alongside the hilarity to her shows. I’m very happy to see she’s performing again this year after taking a break in 2018.
  • Wil Greenway is a relatively recent discovery for me - and he’s very much a storyteller rather than a comedian. Each time I’ve caught his shows, I’m moved by the reflections of humanity weaved with delightful words and heart.
  • Danny Bhoy doesn’t visit Melbourne as often as he used to, but I’m looking forward to seeing how his charming and honest humour has evolved.
  • Wil Anderson probably doesn’t need any promotion, but his show last year was him at the very top of his game - smart, funny, and with a perfectly crafted story. Even if this year doesn’t quite hit those heights (it’s a tough ask), he’s still very clever and hilarious.
  • Daniel Kitson is another long-time festival favourite - I’m expecting more stand-up than storytelling this time around, but either way I know there’ll be laughs and beautiful wordplay. A late night show that’ll apparently go for two hours - so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

Other regulars who I’m keen to see include Cassie Workman, Mark Watson, Alanta Colley & Ben McKenzie, and David O’Doherty. Lano & Woodley are repeating last year’s excellent and hilarious Fly, which was deservedly nominated for the Barry Award.

And then there’s Hannah Gadsby’s follow-up to her superb and powerful Nanette (have you watched it on Netflix yet? You really should - though be warned, it may start as stand-up, but ventures into very serious territory). I’m not sure what Douglas will involve, and the prices are a step above most other shows, but I’m very curious to see the direction Hannah’s shows go from here.

This is just a small handful from the massive amount of shows available - do let me know about any of your own highlights and recommendations!